About work:

Commissioned by the Melos-Ethos Festival.

Seas and Deserts overcome in hope, not sensing the shades and the echoes of something hazy, hitherto unknown. Blurred images of sounds accompany the long pilgrimage towards a safety that keeps receding. The frontier of acceptance and non-acceptance vanishes in the harmony and rhythms of the tension from the hitherto unreached, perhaps the unreachable. Dreams and visions, however, do not have their reefs in the places where egos are tormented with their own identity.

(author, in: Bulletin Melos-Ethos 2015, p. 26 – 27.)

First performance in Slovakia

8 Nov 2015, Melos-Ethos, Small Concert Hall of the Slovak Philharmonic, Bratislava, SK
PERFORMERS: Mucha Quartet