About work:

... everybody plays aloud (singing, talking, moving their hands) one after the other, only fragments of sentences can be heard... suddenly there comes silence... again everybody, each one has something different to say, now maybe even louder ...silence again, this is repeated several times, sometimes firmly, but more often with less vigour, in a contemplative manner ...later only few are playing (talking), less and less, with resignation... the words are getting more simple (more clear?) ...finally, everybody plays alone...

Was it really so then? And how is it today? By the way, the composition contains also the strict golden-cut construction. I wrote it in 1982 and it´s a reflection of my own experience during the long period of restrictions imposed by the guardians of the Fortress of marxist-leninist aesthetics. Only by them?

(author, in: Bulletin Melos-Ethos 1993, p. 168 – 169)

First performance in Slovakia

13 Dec 1992, SK
PERFORMERS: Bratislava Wind Quintet