About work: Although Vladimír Bokes's compositional language seemingly remains within the coordinates announced already in his early opuses, the author's development marks some sophisticated and yet appreciable movement along its own axis. The sharp constellation of compositional units creates as if unintentionally a 'secondary' dimension of some 'exterior' relaxation or of expressive flexibility. The Ostinato Op. 69 (1998) is a compositional equivalent to its name having a humorous stylisation with mutations, kinetic development and a sense of instrumental colouring.
(Lýdia Dohnalová, in: CD booklet "Slovak Music for Double Bass and Piano," Diskant 2008)

Prvé uvedenie v zahraničí

25 Oct 1998, Chicago, US
PERFORMERS: Radoslav Šašina (cb), Dana Šašinová (pf)

First performance in Slovakia

14 Feb 1999, Sunday Matinees at the Bratislava City Gallery, Mirbach Palace, Bratislava, SK
PERFORMERS: Radoslav Šašina (cb), Dana Šašinová (pf)