About work:

It`s difficult to write about impulses for composing a work, uninterpretated till today, which was created eight years ago. It`s difficult to go back to situation, in which I composed my 3rd symphony. Only hope for time, when will be explained circumstances of my problems, led me to the finish of this composition. Does her interpretation mean better times for representants of avant-garde? Wasn`t it a Don Quijote pose from me? The circle of scandals and additional tolerating or sometimes also understanding I experienced yet, so why to begin it again? Maybe there isnt`t other possibility. Every composition is a risk; composition, where is something new, is a double risk. And the feeling is more beautiful, when people understand.

(author, in: Bulletin New Slovak Music 1989)

First performance in Slovakia

16 Feb 1989, New Slovak Music, House of Arts, SK
PERFORMERS: Slovak State Philharmonic KoŇ°ice, Richard Zimmer (dir.)