About work: Variations of cast are specified after titles of parts.

Herodes, King
Mother Cries
We Fall on Knees
Celestial Maid
Don't Leave Us Never
Don't Leave Us
On the New Year
Oh, Jesus, Help Us
Oh, Jesus My Hurt
To the St. Cyril and Method. Celebrate, Clear Stars (CM; CM, orch; rev. 1942)
Spiritual Rose
Lord's Prayer
Virgin Glorious
Salve Regina, Welcome Queen
About St. Andrew and Benedict. Let's Sing about Compatriots
Hymn of Maria. Sound by a Song [I. Grebáč Orlov]
To St. Vojtech. Hail, St. Vojtech (CMa)
O salutaris Hostia (CMa)
Pange lingua (CMa)
Sacris solemniis (CMa)
Verbum supernum (CMa)
Salutis humanae sator (CMa)
Aeterne rex (CMa)
Tantum ergo I (CMa)
Tantum ergo II
Tantum ergo III
Salve Mater (CMa, org)
Ave Maria (CMa)
Alma Redemptoris
Ave Regina
Salve Regina (CMa)
Domine non sum dignus
Popule meus (t, CM)
Quare obdormis
In monte Oliveti (t, CM)
Missa Stella matutina Op. 40 (CMa)
Missa pro defunctis in c op. 41 (a, t, b, CM, org)