About work:

In the New Nocturno No. 1 I continue in my new, schizometric art of playing the piano, which I`ve intensive used first time in five (from ten) piano Mouvements (1991-1992). The interpret has to manage two metrums there. The first is slow and fixed, the second one is fast (usually quite free) and completes the main melodic line. This is also the base of the New Nocturno, which has the form A-B-A and in the B part you can listen the Nocturnal Serenade (started by the arpeggio accords), sounding in the distance above the Nocturno melody

(author, in: Bulletin New Slovak Music 1994)

First performance in Slovakia

23 Nov 1994, New Slovak Music, SK
PERFORMERS: Doris Konrad (pf)