About work:

Throughout his life as a composer he inclined to musicology. Although he made a serious and systematic study of Europaen music of the 20th century, especially that of Bartók and Stravinsky this demanding and comprehensive view of the structure and function of musical composition in no way deprived Ferenczy´s talent of independence and spontaneity. On the contrary, they led him to a high standard of professional mastership. The characteristic feature of his style is perfect technical elaboration, inventiveness, elegance, a virile non-sentimental meditative mood, sobriety, brevity and, above all, a sense for equilibrium between spontaneous inspiration and its consciously oriented rational implementation.

All these characteristics apply to his Partita for chamber orchestra composed in 1965. As expression is here subordinated to rhythm, overall fluency and precise architectonic structure the composition acquires, especially in the quick passages, a neoclassical atmosphere. The composer´s creative ability is most notably expressed by the fluency of musical expression and the versatility with which he makes use of the media selected in various compositional situations, avoiding fruitless repetitions and clichés. The store of ideas, however, is relatively simple and did not allow him to go beyond the iron-firm structure of the conception as a whole.

An exception from this point of view and which is typical in Ferenczy´s work in general, is the slow, middle part of the Partita. Ferenczy´s slow passages represent what is best in his compositions. The fecundity of form in his thoughts, and the plane of the latter as well as some speculative moments in the microstructure remain untouched. But there comes a refined sound effect and a certain assertion of the emotional gesture over the architectonic structure, especially in the basic invention. Music here is really a self-expression. To put it illustratively: the quick parts of Ferenczy´s works are structures that captivate above all by their figure lines and can be admired with a cool head, while the slower music is a variety of lively vegetation that germinated forth out of the soil of his human nature and profussion of feeling.

Partita is a composition well balanced as to style, a composition growing in melody and in harmony from a common interval denominator. Ferenczy masters dodecaphony in a creative manner and unorthodoxly links it with modal technique. Foremost, he does not disturb the psychologically significant principle of the tone centre and the outstanding relationship between consonancy and dissonancy. Just as the melodic and chord material are hierarchically arranged so are the planes of form functionally dofferentiated in the classical spirit of evolutionary, processual music.

(Juraj Hatrík, in: Foreword to the score, Editio Supraphon Praha – Bratislava, 1970, p. 5 – 6)

First performance in Slovakia

12 Feb 1967, Czechoslovak Radio, Bratislava, SK
PERFORMERS: Czechoslovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Otakar Trhlík (dir.)