About work: On the basis of the poet's text Ferenczy laid out the composition into two contrasting wholes. The introductory, balladic, dramatical part presents the suffering of the oppressed nation, its revolt, and longing for freedom. The second, much more brighter part brings about a sort of enlivenment and festive atmosphere, culminating in the final apotheosis of Björnson's legacy. Both the text and music of Ferenczy's cantata The Northern Star are convincingly homogenous, complementing each other. The poet's words are accordingly accentuated and well understandable in all solo and choir passages. The composition testifies to Ferenczy's explicitely symphonic way of thinking, demonstrates the elaborate build-up of both parts and accepts the instrumental variability and dynamism of orchestra's sound. The composition leaves enough room for the atmospheres introduced by the poet's words. In some cases Ferenczy stresses them by characteristic music figures, petty details, and lines led by considerate gestures, another time he employs the broad canvass of the composition, the richly articulated counterpoint sphere, the mosaic of colour shapes or the homogenous extensive planes. The composition was premiѐred in 1970. At the same time, it yielded evidence of the author's unusual critical compositional concepts.
(Milan Adamčiak, in: LP Oto Ferenczy (The Northern Star), Opus, 1984)