About work:

In his music Steinecker continues with the synthetic approach of the post avant-garde tradition, mostly in his favorite medium – chamber music. His musical meditations take a fresh look at the heritage of the postwar avant-garde and call for traditional as well as nontraditional instrumental groupings. His Prelude for solo cello (2001 – 2002) combines atonal and modal melodic writting and the dramatic collisions are further enhanced throughout the piece by changes of texture and timbre. The composer dedicated this work to its first performer Ján Slávik.

(Vladimír Godár, in: booklet of the CD "Slovak Cello Music", Diskant DK-0069-2131, p. 5.)

First performance in Slovakia

13 Oct 2002, Sunday Matinees at the Bratislava City Gallery, SK
PERFORMERS: Ján Slávik (vc)