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Photo: Silvia Lejava Adamíková

Silvia Lejava Adamíková

classical music
pedagóg – pedagogue – voice



1996 -2001
Church Conservatory in Bratislava (singing –Vlasta Hudecová)
2001 -2006
Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava (V. Hudecová), subsequently doctoral study at Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava (Hana Štolfová-Bandová)
2006, 2008
Peter Dvorský’s master courses in singing (Robert Belotti, Zlatica Livorová)

She has made guest appearances on Slovak concert stages. At concerts she regularly presents works by contemporary Slovak composers. She also engages in teaching at the Private Conservatory in Nitra, the Bratislava Conservatory, and the Department of Singing at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava.

In collaboration with medically trained phoniatrists and logopaedics, she has been involved in the treatment of voice problems and post-operatic states among vocal professionals. She has also engaged in research and publishing activity and has lectured on these issues at conservatories and universities in Slovakia.


    2006 CD – Music Fund SF 00432131
    1. Lucia Papanetzová: Imaginations I., II., III.
      Magdaléna Bajuszová (pf)
    2. Marián Lejava: Dickinson songs
      Silvia Lejava Adamíková (v), Andrea Bálešová (pf)
    3. Lucia Koňakovská: Solo Cello 2005
      Michal Sťahel (vc)
    4. Peter Groll: Rupture
      Milan Paľa (vn), Jevgenij Iršai (pf)
    5. Karine Sarkisjan: Songs for Bass and Piano
      Matúš Trávniček (b), Karine Sarkisian (pf)
    6. Boško Milaković: Losing My Religion
      Andrea Mosorjaková (fl), Jozef Eliáš (cl), Ana Krsmanović (ac), Peter Mosorjak (vn), Peter Zwiebel (vl), Andrej Gál (vc), Zuzana Chlpíková (dir.)

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