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Marián Turner

5 Jan 1968 Bratislava

classical music

Collaboration(s): Istropolis Quintet



1982 – 1988
Conservatory in Bratislava (flute – Viktor Vavro, Dagmar Zsapková)
1988 – 1993
Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (Miloš Jurkovič)
month study in Bayreuth
1990 – 1991
flute lessons at Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Vienna
master class
in Piešťany (Miloš Jurkovič)
during studies member of various orchestras such as Lúčnica, Slovak Folk Art Collective (SĽUK), Chamber Opera Orchestra in Bratislava (1984 – 1990)
1989 – 1990
first flute in the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
1990 – 1992
first flute in the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra
member of international orchestra United Philharmonic Vienna
since 2007
the head of artistic ensemble Lúčnica

In addition to the Slovak Philharmonic and the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra he has cooperated with other ensembles and orchestras such as Cappella Istropolitana, Bratislava Chamber Soloists, State Philharmonic Košice, Symfonietta Janáček – Ostrava Chamber Orchestra, Academic Chamber Orchestra of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Moyzes Quartet and others. He is a member of and artistic leader of the wind quintet Istropolis Quintet, member of wind trio Aulos, and he plays in duo with his wife Katarína (ar).

He performed at home and abroad in individual concerts as well as in concerts within domestic and foreign music festivals. He has recorded CDs (with Istropolis Quintet) for Publishers Musica, Cassablanca Wien, MMC-USA, Diskant, and has made recordings for Slovak Television and Radio, ORF, and Mexican TV.

Significant also is his management activity in the artistic ensembles Lúčnica, Slovkoncert, Slovak Philharmonic, and Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra. From 1994 – 1997 he cooperated in a project of establishment and activities of the international orchestra in Vienna – United Philharmonic Vienna.


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  • Personal bibliography
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  • Photo: Nocturne – Music for flute and harp NOCTURNE – MUSIC FOR FLUTE AND HARP
    1997 CD – Discant DK 0040-2 131
    1. Marián Turner (fl), Katarína Turnerová (ar)


  • 2017


  • First performances in Slovakia
  • Ilja Zeljenka: Sonatina
    for flute and harp
    7 Mar
    First performances in Slovakia
    Mirbach Palace, Bratislava, SK
    PERFORMERS: Marián Turner (fl), Katarína Turnerová (ar)
  • Ilja Zeljenka: Aztec Songs II
    for bass, 4 bongos, flute and cello
    16 Dec
    First performances in Slovakia
    Zichy Palace, Bratislava, SK
    PERFORMERS: Gustáv Beláček (b), Marián Turner (fl), Ján Slávik (vc)


  • Photo: Slovak Wind Quintet Slovak Wind Quintet

    Source: Archives of the Music Centre Slovakia
    Author: Pavel Havran
  • Photo: Slovak Wind Quintet Slovak Wind Quintet

    Source: Archives of the Music Centre Slovakia
    Author: Pavel Havran

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