The trio focuses primarily on the interpretation of medieval music and music of Eastern Europe from the 16th to 18th century. A large part of its repertoire includes pieces from Slovak tabulatury collections: Pestrý zborník levočský (Levoča Tabulature Miscellany), Tabulatura Vietoris, Uhrovec Collection.

The main concept of the trio repertoire is based in finding relationships between Arabic and Turkish music, medieval music, and the music of Slovak tabulatures from 16th to 18th century. These tabulature collections include music influenced by Slovak, Hungarian, and Polish folk music as well as Western European Baroque music (e. g. “Tafelmusik”) and Renaissance. In some compositions is a strongly noticeable influence of Turkish and Arabic music, as well as music of the Balkans.

Chalumeau, psalter and predecessor of the trombone were known and important music instruments in Middle Ages. It is also indicated in paintings from this period. This, in the world a unique instrumental combination is now a kind of experiment, perhaps even reminiscence.

Members of the trio are versatile artists whose extensive repertoire includes compositions from the Middle Ages to the present day, even jazz/swing. Performing art of the trio is characterized by boldness in experimentation, creativity, musicality, but also the respect for the aesthetics of the time and search for various cultural and historical contexts.

After its debut in Berlin Konzerthaus the trio performed in concerts in Germany and Slovakia. In 2011 it recorded its first CD.