About the music library

The Music Study Room serves researchers, music educators, musicologists, dramaturgs, students and the general music-loving public.

The Music Study Room offers the following courses for full-time study:

musicological literature, Slovak and foreign professional press, scores of Slovak and foreign composers, audio library the opportunity to listen to the works of mainly Slovak, but also foreign composers from a rich audio library, the opportunity to obtain information about Slovak music culture (composers, concert artists, events in all musical genres), research services.

Open to the public on weekdays from 10.00 to 15.00.

Where: Music Centre, Department of Documentation and Informatics, Block B, 2nd floor,

Tel: +421 (2) 20470 380, -370, -360, e-mail: studovna@hc.sk

We recommend that you phone in advance so that we can reserve audiovisual equipment or materials for your studies.