1972 establishment of the quartet (the founder of the ensemble was a violist Jozef Kýška, other members: Milan Jirout, 1st violin, František Figura, 2nd violin and Juraj Jánošík, violoncello)

1973 Presentation of the Young Slovak Artists in Trenčianske Teplice and Interpodium within Bratislava Music Days

1974 attendance at the music festival in Rithma in France

1975 Interpodium within Bratislava Music Days – Award for the best performance

in 1976/77 season the quartet became the state ensemble at State Philharmonic in Košice

1978 awarded 1st place at the Performing Competition of Slovkoncert


at that time the ensemble performed in numerous European countries (Germany, Russia, Poland, Romania, Spain, France, Norway and others) and at music festivals (Prague Spring, Warsaw Autumng, Montperlier, Grasse Rithma and others)

during regular cooperation with radio and television the ensemble recorded remarkable compositions of the world, but especially Slovak music.

it premiered works of many Slovak composers (e. g. Jozef Podprocký, Vladimír Bokes, Jozef Malovec, Miro Bázlik, Ilja Zeljenka and others)


1983 two years stay of the ensemble in Spain

1985 the quartet of original composition split up

1986 restoration of the activity in the new composition (Peter Sklenka, Ján Kyjovský – violin, Jozef Kýška – viola and Milan Červenák – violoncello, who is one and only stable member from 1986; in the quartet also played Juraj Šarišský, Vladimír Ljubimov, Jana Kulanová)

1990 started cooperation with Italian artists and several concert performances in Italy

1992 the name changed to the Quartetto Cassoviae

1999 CD recording of the quartet “Sextette – Music From Friends for Friends”

currently also one of the most representative chamber ensemble in Slovakia