Photo: The new director of Music Centre is Igor Valentovič

The new director of Music Centre is Igor Valentovič



10. 03. 2016

Based on the outcome of hiring procedures, the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic Marek Maďarič gave the post of the Director of the Music Centre to Igor Valentovič since March 10th, 2016. Igor Valentovič is a graduate of Musicology of the Faculty of Philosophy of Comenius University in Bratislava. After finishing his studies he became a scholarship holder at the Art Institute of the Slovak Academy of Science, then he worked as an editor at the renewed magazine Slovak Music and at the Slovak Philharmonic. In the ‘90s he was a co-founder of the international festivals Melos-Ethos and Days of Early Music, and in the first years he also participated as the dramaturgist of both festivals. Since 1992 he worked in the Music Forum company, dedicated to publishing, commercial and agency activities in the field of classical music. As a volunteer he works in the civil sector in the ALBRECHT FORUM association, which aims to rescue and restore our cultural heritage.