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Gerhard Auer

9 Apr 1925 Náchod – 22 Nov 2002 Bratislava

classical music
composition, conducting



1940 – 1945
study at the Academy of Music in Prague (piano performance – E. Kalix, composition – F. Finke, conducting – J. Kleiberth and A. Nowakovský)
1945 – 1947
studied composition in Dresden and at the Conservatory in Bratislava (E. Suchoň, A. Moyzes), conducting (K. Schimpl)
engagement in Opera of the Slovak National Theatre at first as a répétiteur, later as an assistant began to conduct the ballet repertory
since 1950
acted as regular conductor of opera and ballet (during 40-year career in the Slovak National Theatre conducted more than 100 titles of opera and ballet repertory of various styles)
since 1958
extern contract in the Opera Studio at the Academy of Performing Arts

“As a composer Auer grew out of Czech-German post-romantic traditions and conventions. Most significantly his work manifested as vocal music (mini opera Spoveď Dona Juana / Confessions of Don Juan, Tri piesne na texty J. Jesenského / Three Songs on Lyrics by J. Jesenský etc.), as well as in small instrumental forms. His musical language assimilated a variety of styles and stylistic elements. He wrote mainly programme music in which he expressed himself as a spontaneous and emotional composer.”


(JURÍK, Marián: Gerhard Auer. In: 100 slovenských skladateľov. Ed. Marián Jurík, Peter Zagar. Bratislava: Národné hudobné centrum, 1998, p. 21.)


  • opera
  • Confession of Don Juan

    miniopera [B. Hončarivová after K. Čapek]
  • ballet
  • Maria

    balet, [M. Kohout after A. Jirásek]
    1956 SCORING: orch
  • Beautiful Hedviga

    ballet, [H Hoffstädter]
    1980 SCORING: orch
  • orchestral works
  • To Singign and Dancing

    1949 SCORING: fiati/orch
  • symphony orchestra
  • Ouverture

    1944 SCORING: orch
  • Light and Shadow

    1945 SCORING: orch
  • Sol-fa Scale Rondo

    1945 SCORING: orch
  • Romance

    1948 SCORING: orch
  • At Our Place

    1949 SCORING: orch
  • Hunter's Ouverture

    1949 SCORING: orch
  • Midnight Serenade

    1949 SCORING: orch
  • Introductive Fantasia

    1957 SCORING: orch
  • Summer Pastorale

    1957 SCORING: orch
  • Christmas Moods

    1963 SCORING: orch
  • chamber orchestra
  • Andante

    1945 SCORING: archi
  • Turkish Hill. March

    1949 SCORING: fiati
  • one solo instrument with orchestra
  • Nocturno

    for violin and orchestra
    1957 SCORING: vn, orch
  • Concertino

    for flute and orchestra
    1960 SCORING: fl, orch
  • Variations on the theme "Before St. John on Sunday"

    for violin and folk orchestra
    1972 SCORING: vn, folkb
  • Concertino

    for viola and orchestra
    1978 10'
    SCORING: vl, orch [2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2fg, 2cr, archi/fl, ob, fg, archi]
  • Concertino

    for oboe and orchestra
    1995 SCORING: ob, orch
  • piano or piano four hands
  • Nocturno Des

    for piano
    1943 SCORING: pf
  • Concert Etude

    for piano
    1944 SCORING: pf
  • Two Compositions

    for piano
    1945 SCORING: pf
  • Ballad in G minor

    for piano
    1956 SCORING: pf
  • Lullaby

    for piano
    1977 SCORING: pf
  • two instruments
  • Romance

    for violin and piano
    1973 SCORING: vn, pf
  • Concertino

    for tuba and piano
    1996 SCORING: tu, pf
  • Dance of Hedviga and Theme with Variations

    for violin and piano
    1996 SCORING: vn, pf
  • string quartet
  • String Quartet in A major

    1958 SCORING: 2vn, vl, vc
  • String Quartet in D minor

    1977 SCORING: 2vn, vl, vc
  • vocal-instrumental chamber works
  • Love

    1958 TEXT: M. Haľamová
    SCORING: s, pf/a, 2vn, vl, vc
  • Two Songs

    1958 TEXT: Ľ. Podjavorinská
    SCORING: s, pf/s, 2vn. vl, vc
  • Three Songs

    1975 TEXT: J. Jesenský
    SCORING: s, pf/s, 2vn, vl, vc
  • "Muses"

    1977-1989 TEXT: A. Musset
    SCORING: s, pf/orch
  • Three Songs of a Poet

    1988 TEXT: A. Musset
    SCORING: b, pf/orch
  • solo voice(s) with piano accompaniment
  • Two Songs

    1946 TEXT: V. Hálek
    SCORING: s, pf
  • Lullaby

    1948 TEXT: folk.
    SCORING: s, pf
  • Two Songs

    1948 TEXT: Š. Krčméry
    SCORING: a, pf
  • Stay Always with Me

    1957 TEXT: A. Jirásek
    SCORING: t, pf
  • Beautiful Is Your Rose, Spring with Love

    1958 TEXT: J. Jesenský
    SCORING: b, pf
  • Angels Rain Down from Heaven

    1962 TEXT: V. Hálek
    SCORING: t, pf
  • At Night

    1965 TEXT: A. Jirásek
    SCORING: s, pf
  • I Desire

    1967 TEXT: J. Jesenský
    SCORING: t, pf
  • Red Poppy

    1967 TEXT: M. Plško
    SCORING: ms, pf
  • folklore adaptations – instruments with voices
  • Assembly of Slovak Folk Songs

    1949 SCORING: s, t, br, orch
  • Four Slovak Folk Songs

    1949 SCORING: s, t, br, CM, orch
  • sound track
  • Once Upon a Time Was a Friendship

    1958 DIRECTED BY: Štefan Uher


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