• 1956 – 1959

    Conservatory Bratislava (flute – Vladislav Brunner st.)

  • 1959 – 1963

    Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava (Vladislav Brunner, Sr.)

  • 1998 – 2003

    director of the Music and Agency Department of the Slovak Radio ensembles

  • 2003

    deputy director of Radio Devin and Music Department of Radio Devin

  • since 1965

    pedagogue of flute at the Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava (1965 assistant specialist, 1977 associate professor, 1985 full profesor), at the same time 1966 – 1977secretary, later the head of orchestral instruments, 1977 – 1979sub-dean of the Music and Dance Faculty, 1979 – 1981dean of the Music and Dance Faculty, 1981 – 1985vice chancellor of Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava, 1985 – 1994chancellor of Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava)

During his studies he got engaged with jazz, but very soon developed his successful career as a concert soloist of classical music.

He played a lot of concerts with orchestra, recitals with keyboard, guitar and harp accompaniment, with numerous chamber ensembles, and he introduced himself in several significant European stages. During his concert activity he cooperated in the flute class at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and on concert stages (full 40 years) with pianist Helena Gáfforová, but also with other domestic and foreign performers.

As a soloist of classical music he performed with leading domestic and foreign orchestras and ensembles. A significant part of his repertoire was recorded and archived in Slovak Radio, but also others, foreign mass media (until now he has recorded 20 albums including the complete flute sonatas of W. A. Mozart, Baroque masters G. F. Handel and J. S. Bach); an important part of his repertoire are opuses of Slovak authors with flute works, and a lot of them were dedicated to him (he premiered ca. 20 Slovak flute compositions and recorded most of them). He was a promoter of the entire flute literature of Ivan Parík. He is also a lecturer of master classes at home (in Piešťany) and abroad, a member and head of juries of several international performing competitions (Prague Spring, Markneukirchen, Budapest and others) and vice-president of the Dvorak Society for Czech and Slovak Music in London.