• 1983

    member of the duo Harachrobák with Miro Harach; appeared at the Dusty Roads festival (Banská Bystrica), the Folk Forum in Martin, and the Blues on the Danube festival

  • 1984

    studied architecture in Prague, as well as evening guitar lessons at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory; private sitar studies with Vlastimil Marek

  • 1989

    worked with Jan Duban on the Koks project

  • 1992

    a self-portrait as part of the Pesničkári slovenskí series

  • 1993

    the band Private Music was formed, first as a duo (with Stano Dobrovič), and later as a loose grouping of musicians

  • 1998

    recorded an album entitled To bolo rečí

  • 1999

    musical cooperation with an artist from the Galérie Živa, Ľudmila Holíková, on a number of projects; Marian Jaslovský (saxophone) and Zuzana Knezovičová joined the band Private Music

  • 2000

    recorded the album Ďaleko a pešo

  • 2001

    editor-in-chief of Watt Audio magazine

  • 2003

    contributed to the Czech magazine Muzikus; wrote articles of a musical and technical nature for a number of other magazines

Although Martin Chrobák's roots evidently lie in folk, his songs also contain elements of jazz, rock, blues, Latino, funk, and classical music. His musically phlegmatic vocal style is complemented by his instrumental talents; he plays both the acoustic and electric guitar with equal accomplishment. His compositions are usually carefully written, characterised by great attention to their arrangement; recordings are made with a number of session musicians. As he once ironically remarked, music critics most liked his first album for the fact that "sixteen tracks were made by over twenty musicians." In addition to his occasional live concerts and studio work, Martin Chrobák also works as a music journalist, and is a member of the IFPI.