• 1947 – 1955

    SND orchestra member

  • 1950

    graduate of Bratislava Conservatory (violin)

  • 1954

    graduate of VŠMU (viola)

  • from 1967

    pedagogue at the UK (Comenius University) Pedagogical Faculty in Bratislava, Bratislava Conservatory, and VŠMU (Academy of Music and Performing Arts)

  • 1973

    founded the Musica aeterna ensemble, specialising in performance of renaissance and baroque music

  • 1995

    appointed professor at the Department of Musical Art, Theory and History of Music at the VŠMU Musical and Dance Faculty

Ján Albrecht combined theoretical research with interest in revival of the music of older periods, wrote academic papers and articles aimed at clarifying questions of baroque music, and was an editor of music text editions and recordings of older Slovak music.  

His reflections on baroque music are assembled in Forms and Mutations of Baroque Music (1982), his aesthetic and philosophical insights in Essay on Art (1986) and The Spiritual World of Beauty (in German, 1995), and his life experiences in Memories of A Bratislava Musician (1998).

He was intensely interested in contemporary music, fine art, literature, mathematics, and the philosophy of art. He inspired younger generations of musicians and theoreticians to seek knowledge of what was new in the field of music and current musical thinking. His meetings with students and musicians in his Kapitulska Street apartment were famous and much-loved.