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Chamber Music

Chamber Music

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Chamber Music

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    Zimmermann, Anton

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From the point of view of stylistic affinity, Zimmermann´s chamber work presented here is the product of the transitional period between early and high classicism. This is revealed in the melodic component, the harmonic texture of the works, their tonal and modulatory plan, their ornamentation and dynamics, and last but not least in the sonata form, which is approaching its perfection, and the sonata cycle. The musical language presented in these compositions is typical of inventiveness, depth of thought and expression, differentiation in rhytms, dynamics and tempo, elegance, charm and nobility of musical expression and of the instrumental outfitting of the works. (Darina Múdra) A two-CD set includes 4 Sonates for harpsichord and violin, 6 Duets for two violins and 2 Trios for violin, viola and cello. The works are performed by: Peter Zajíček, 1.violin/ Gabriel Szathmáry, 2.violin/ Ján Gréner, viola/ Andrej Gál, cello/ Peter Guľas, harpsichord.