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Milan Paľa

Milan Paľa

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Milan Paľa

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Violinist Milan Paľa, holder of the 2009 Ľudovít Rajter Award, accomanied by the Czech Virtuosi conducted by Ondrej Olos, performs works by Juraj Beneš (Musica d’inverno), Evegeny Irshai (Ashira Songs), František Gregor Emmert (Jacob’s Fight) and Alfred Schnittke (Monologue).
The reception of music of the late 20th century is complicated by its sophisticated structure, which, in the case of “Eastern composers”, is imbued with personal emotions that are difficult to read by the broader public or by members of different generations. To overcome this “double wall” of erudition and subjectivism you need a performer of outstanding talent and persuasiveness. Milan Paľa is such an artist. (Andrej Šuba)