Rozhovory a texty

Rozhovory a texty

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Rozhovory a texty

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    Zeljenka, Ilja

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The publication is the first exhaustive title, which is dedicated to works and opinions of Ilja Zeljenka, crucial character of slovak postwar musical avantgarde and film score. The double-portrait of Ilja Zeljenka consist of authors discourses from his numerous interviews and collection of his texts, many of which are published for the first time in this book (for instance "My utopies" and "How to write music"). The title is supplemented with, until now, the most broad publication of Zeljenkas poetic and prosaic works as well as list of his works. The editor of the publication is Zeljenkas composer collegue Vladimír Godár, who is also the author of the broades interview with Ilja Zeljenka.