Sabine Kezbere

Latvian composer living in Norway. She studied composition at Selga Mencová’s composition class at the Latvian Musical Academy. In 2009 – 2010, she continued her studiers in the context of the Erasmus programme for student exchange, at the Norwegian Musical Academy in Oslo with Peter Tornquist and Lasse Thoresen. There, under Thoresen’s influence, she began to take an interest in spectromorphology and its use in acoustic music. She writes orchestral, chamber, solo works, often for untraditional instrumental formations, and compositions for mixed choir. She has participated in international courses and composers’ competitions in Norway, Germany, and Latvia. Monologue (2011) was successfully presented at the Ung Nordisk Musikk Festival in Copenhagen. Do not (2009) and The Dowry Song  (2008) have also been released on CD. Apart from composition, Kezbere also devotes herself to fine art. Currently she is interested in sociological and psychological questions, snobbism, manipulation, and escapism, which she reflects on through the medium of music.