• 1979 –1984

    University of Economics, Faculty of Management, concurrently with private studies of singing with Mária Medvecká and František Tugendlieb

  • 1981

    Andrej Šeban’s rock band Demikát

  • 1984

    Ladislav Gerhardt’s jazz quintet

  • 1987

    establishment of the band Scat; Bratislava Jazz Days festival ‘87 as a part of the Slovak jazz festival (the band became the event’s breakthrough)

  • 1988

    art of singing festival Vokalíza in Prague, Slovak Jazz Festival in Žilina, main programme of the Bratislava Jazz Days ‘88

  • 1989

    1st place in the songwriters contest Song for a Star (performing her own Song for a City); 4th place in the “Melodie” magazine poll (category "Talent of the Year")

  • 1990

    regular appearances in the “To je ono” (That’s It) programme (Studio S theatre , Bratislava) of Milan Lasica and Július Satinský, concert in Jyväskylä (FN); appearance on the stage of the Slovak National Theatre, as a singer (with her own music) in Trevor Griffith’s Showmen (dir. Martin Huba); cooperation with the Top Sound orchestra (AT); appearance in Milan Markovič’s show “Nevyzúvajte sa, prosím” (Keep Your Shoes On)

  • 1992

    nomination for the Singer of the Year in the “Melodie” magazine poll (Scat nominated for the Band of the Year); changes in the band cast (A. Šeban, Martin Breznický, Marek Minárik, Emil Frátrik)

  • 1993

    performances in England (Leeds, Sheffield, West Yorkshire)

  • 1994

    Ladislav Martoník Prize for jazz composition and performance; Bratislava Jazz Days ‘94 (with Andrej Šeban)

  • 1996

    cover version of Jorge Ben’s “Mais que nada” – unprecedented hit chart success

  • 1997

    appearances in festivals in Prague, Košice, separate concert for the Slovak Television, performance in Prague

  • 2000

    cooperation with the Gustav Brom’s Big Band

  • 2001

    concert at the international Expo exhibition in Hanover

  • 2003

    concerts abroad (Canada, Belgium, jazz days in Berlin)