• 1947 – 1951

    Secondary School in Galanta

  • 1951 – 1955

    Department of Music at the Pedagogical University in Bratislava (Eugen Suchoň), simultaneous studies at the Music Academy in Bratislava (composition – Andrej Očenáš, Šimon Jurovský, conducting – Kornel Schimpl)

  • 1955 – 1959

    Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (orchestra and opera conducting – Ľudovít Rajter)

  • 1957 – 1969

    head conductor of the Symphony of the Ján Nálepka Military Art Ensemble in Bratislava

  • 1971

    director of Art Administration at the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

  • 1971 – 1983

    art director and head dramaturg of the Opera of the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava

  • 1983 – 1987

    chief editor of the OPUS music publisher

  • 1987 – 1990

    ZČSSKU Secretary in Prague

  • 1990 – 1996

    Secretary of the Slovak Composers Society in Bratislava

  • 1997 – 1999

    Director of the National Music Centre

“Characteristic features of his work with musical material is the linking of atonal and modal structures, which confers his relationship to the musical heritage of our nation, reveals its melos, purity and freshness and maintains its clarity and truth (Sinfonietta Slovaca). He is an introverted type of composer who strives for modesty, simplicity, honest meditative sentiment and pastel sounds. A distinctive feature of his composer manuscript is a chamber sensibility which is present even in orchestral works. Bagin is well versed in miniatures, around which, thanks to sound temperance acting as melancholic introspections, he waives refined sound effects.  In addition to melancholy, we can hear amusing hyperbole and grotesque or decisive gestures. His compositions are fragile and tend to be greatly instrumental, exalting the color that in its fullness is fresh, subtle, and transparent.”


(LABORECKÝ, Jozef: Pavol Bagin. In: 100 slovenských skladateľov. Ed. Marián Jurík, Peter Zagar. Bratislava: Národné hudobné centrum, 1998, p. 25.)