• 1978 – 1979

    Conservatory in Žilina, piano

  • 1979 – 1984

    Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University in Bratislava, biochemistry; during his studies played in a jazz band with Matúš Jakabčic and Pavol Habera

  • 1985

    founded the BB Quintet (Banská Bystrica)

  • 1987 – 1990

    member, composer and arranger of the Swing Quartet

  • 1990

    Bodnár’s piece Cheerful Afternoon made it into the shortlist of 8 finale compositions at the Concours International de Composition de Thèmes de Jazz – Monaco

  • since 1993

    cooperation with Peter Lipa (as arranger and pianist); member of the T + R Band (later Traditional and Revival Band), performance at the Jazz Open Air (Vienna 1997) and at the Rottweil jazz festival

  • 1994

    member of the Peter Cardarelli & Pavol Bodnár Band

  • 1995

    co-founder of the Polish – Slovak Jazz Quartet (Piotr Baron – tenor saxophone (PL); Martin Marinčák – bass guitar, Cyril Zeleňák – percussion)

  • 1996

    Bratislava Jazz Days ’96; member of the Peter Lipa Band

  • since 1997

    member of the Vlado Vizár Jazz Quintet

  • currently also teaches and lectures at Summer jazz workshops in Bratislava