• He was born in 1977 in Banska Bystrica. Since his babyhood he has inclined to the drums - following his father's example. When he was only 6 years old, he already played in the band together with his two elder brothers. In 1991 - 1997 he studied drums on the State Conservatory in Žilina. This period was crucial for his future musical orientation as he gained the initial experience of arranged jazz music in the Conservatory's big band called The Slovak Young Swing Generation led by Miro Belorid. Later, the players of the big band formed a jazz-rock band Chora Vrana (Sick Crow). Peter performed with the band at the festival Jazz Juniors Krakow and participated in the recording of the CD album titled Young Slovak Jazz '95. Since 1997 he was a member of the jazz band Swing Q and in 1998 he was one of the co-founders of NBS Trio. Because of his multi-genre versatility he is being involved in different projects. For several years he has cooperated with Czech bluegrass ensemble Druha Trava (Second Grass) (CD Charlie McCoy, Robert Krestan and Druha Trava - Live in Brno 2003) as well as with the Bass Friends - a jazz-rock band of the phenomenal bass-guitarist Juraj Griglak. In summer 2003 he made a concert tour with Slovak Jazz Quartet in Spain.