The ensemble is the direct successor of the reference of the legendary Slovak Quartet (with the personnel of Aladar Móži, Alojz Nemec, Milan Telecký and František Tannenberger acting since 1957). The possibility of using the same name SLOVAK QUARTET (from January 2009) it received directly from the founding member of the former Slovak Quartet – violist Milan Telecký.

The quartet as well as individual members were actively attending master courses of solo performing and chamber music with personalities such as Norbert Brainin and Siegmund Nissel (Amadeus Quartett), Sándor Devich and László Mező (Bartók Quartet), Gümter /ocjôer (Alban Berg Quartett), Reiner Schmidt (Hagen Quartet), Milan Škampa (Smetana Quartet) and Škampa Quartet.

In 2002 the quartet started to get into the public's awareness at various concert stages and festivals under the name Pressburger Quartett. Under this name it performed in successful concerts at domestic and foreign stages (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland).

Members of the quartet attended a two-year post graduate study of chamber music at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Vienna with University Professor Johannes Meissl (the member of Artis Quartett Wien), with whom they still cooperate.