The ensemble for early music Solamente Naturali was formed in 1995. Its leader and artistic director is violinist Miloš Valent. The ensemble is known by its specific approach to the interpretation of music from the 17th and 18th centuries on authentic historical instruments. Members of the ensemble are connected by a sense of exploring new interpretive perspectives of unknown works and their realization in challenging projects.

An important part of the ensemble is cooperation with foreign artists (such as Andrew Parrott, Steven Stubbs, Marek Štryncl, Otto Kargl, Jana Semerádová, Phoebe Cerrai) and choirs (Capella Nova Graz, Collegium Marianum and others), which brings new insights, ideas, and especially knowledge that beauty is in originality as well as in adaptation to a different opinion.

The ensemble often performs abroad.

The repertoire of the group includes compositions arranged for 2-25 players on different instruments by the idea of a concert program: duets, trios, quartets, concerts, symphonies to large vocal-instrumental works.