About the Festival

The Pro musica nostra festival is an international music festival that takes place every year in various cities in Slovakia. Fans of classical music can listen to musical performances of dozens leading Slovak and foreign artists. The aim of the festival which takes place in selected historical monuments of individual regions is the presentation of the classical music at a top interpretatio level and the mediation of a unique visual experience from the atmosphere of historical monuments. The Pro musica nostra festival returns musical life to places where the audience regularly searched for it in the past.

You can visit the festival in the following regions:
Pro musica nostra Thursoviensi - Žilina Region
Pro musica nostra Sarossiensi - Prešov Region
Pro musica nostra Nitriensi - Nitra Region
Pro musica nostra on the road 1 - Nitra and Trenčín Region
Pro musica nostra on the road 2 - Košice Region