Peter Duchnický

Slovak composer. In 2002 – 2006 he studied composition (Jozef Podprocký), piano (Judita Debreová) and flute (Gabriela Hubnerová) at Košice Conservatory. During his studies he was awarded several prizes at the Slovak Conservatories competition (Súťaž slovenských konzervatórií). He was awarded the Prize of the Ministry of Education for representing Slovak Republic abroad. In 2001, 2002 and 2006 he attended master courses of composition at Univerzität Mozarteum in Salzburg. In 2006 – 2011 he studied composition under Jevgenij Iršai at the Department of Composition and Conducting, Music and Dance Faculty, Academy of performing Arts in Bratislava. During his studies he participated in Haydn The Progressive project at Joseph Haydn Konservatorium in Eisenstadt. In 2009 he released a DVD under Azyl Production containing the composition SORELA for string quartet, electronic music and photography. He collaborated with The Slovak State Philharmonic, Košice, Košice String Quartet, Mucha Quartet, Stadler Quartet, Asynchrónie Ensemble, Ensemble Spectrum and violinist Milan Paľo. His works have been performed at New Slovak Music (Nová Slovenská hudba), Melos-Ethos, International Society of Contemporary Music (ISCM), Musikfest Salzburg, Ars Nova Cassoviae, Orfeus, Asynchrónie and many other festivals. He works as composer, arranger, répétiteur, and chamber musician. He taught at Jozef Kresánek School of Arts in Bratislava (Theory of Music), Jozef Adamovič Conservatory in Košice (Composition) and School of Arts in Poprad and Bratislava-Rača (Piano).