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Audio Culture

Audio Culture

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Audio Culture

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    Cox Christoph, Warner Daniel

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The editors of Audio Culture selected more than fifty essays by influential musicians and writers of the 20th and 21st centuries: Adorno, Aphex Twin, Attali, Bailey, Braxton, Brown, Burroughs, Cage, Cardew, Cascone, Coleman, Conrad, Cowell, Cox, Cutler, Eco, Eisler, Eno, Eshun, Feldman, Gann, Gould, Chambers, Lewis, López, Marclay, McClary, McLuhan, Mertens, Miller, Moholy-Nagy, Murray Schafer, Neill, Nyman, Oliveros, Oswald, Randall, Reich, Reynolds, Russo, Russolo, Rzewski, Sherburne, Schaeffer, Slouka, Stockfelt, Stockhausen, Tone, Toop, Varèse, Warner, Zorn.