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Early Works for Piano

Early Works for Piano

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Early Works for Piano

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    Suchoň, Eugen

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The set of Suchoň’s juvenile works from the years 1923 – 1929 comprises more than forty compositions, if we take into account also the lost ones, which are known to us only by their incipits extant in the composer’s effects. By deciding to present these works for the first time in public (and not just to insiders), we wanted to take an integrative step towards the appreciation of Suchoň’s music, not to cause a sensation. After all, the composer’s genius was not born with the Sonata in A flat Major, Op. 1. All of the pieces on this CD, in the superb rendition of Ladislav Fanzowitz, make up a striking mosaic of the birth of an artist who went on to become the founder of the Slovak national music. (Peter Štilicha)