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    Ruppeldt, Karol – Ruppeldt, Miloš

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Liptov native Karol Ruppeldt (1840 – 1909) became a pillar of the contemporary popular education movement, and the Tatran choir was the main carrier of his revivalist ideas and ambitions, with him at the helm as conductor for thirty years. Just one year after the publication of the first children's songbook in the Slovak language, "Malý spevák" by Ján Kadavý (1873), Karol Ruppeldt published his "Venček slovenských národných piesní" (Wreath of Slovak Folk Songs) in Prague in 1874. The aim of Ruppeldt's ambitions was to establish the foundations of a previously non-existent Slovak national musical culture. Ruppeldt's "Venček" was released in four basic editions (1874, 1884, 1897, and 1927), representing an entry into the building of Slovak national musical culture for several generations of the 19th and 20th centuries. When publishing the "Venček," we decided to respect the entirety of the first edition from 1874 (Venček I.), and the songs that appeared later in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions were compiled into a separate publication (Venček II.).