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Interview: For our music - quality classical music even in the regions (Slávka Ferencová) * At the cottage: Traditional music, how politicians perceive it, is a myth (Andrea Serečinová and Jana Ambrózová) * Inner ear: Pop cultural images of genius * Concerts: Slovak Philharmonic - State Chamber Orchestra Žilina - State Philharmonic Košice - Symphonic Orchestra of VŠMU - New Synagogue Žilina * Topic: V4 String Quartet * Music Theater: SND Opera: The Kiss / ND Košice Opera: Macbeth / Theater an der Wien: Roméo et Juliette / ND Prague Opera: Rusalka * Jazz Concert: Free Tenors featuring Harry Sokal * Jazz Laboratory: Martin Ďurdina (Sweet Lorraine) * Music Center: Genrich Nejgauz: Something about rhythm * CD Reviews



"Immersing ourselves appropriately in the world of traditional music not only provides us with the benefits that any musical activity brings but also offers new colors, sounds, and musical forms..." During our discussion in the "At the Cottage" section, we talked with ethnomusicologist Jana Ambrózová not only about the implementation of traditional music in elements of the new State Educational Program for Primary Schools, the positives of music education for meaningful learning, safe relationships in schools, but also about the delicate impacts of falsely cultivated notions of traditional culture on society: "Traditional culture or music in the form that not only politicians have in mind is, strictly speaking, a myth constantly shaped by societal discourse. It is often an idealized and continuously updated notion of the past."

It is heartening that in the world of music, we constantly encounter many truly positive moments – one of which is the Pro Musica Nostra series organized by the Music Center: 'We bring top-class classical music to regions where such music doesn't typically resound, but through our concerts, we also promote the mentioned landmarks and, secondarily, support the development of tourism.' The dramaturge and manager of the series, Slávka Ferencová, presents this year's selection of inspirational locations, performers, and concert programs.


In this issue, we continue with chapters from the history of jazz guitar, commented on by active players. Guitarist Andrej Kellenberger observes the emergence of John McLaughlin onto the scene and the activities of his contemporaries and followers. Prosaist Vanda Rozenbergová was struck by moments when the quest for meaning in the desired profession diverges from finding deeper meaning in life. But also, that sometimes these paths can converge again.


"Music is a sound process; it unfolds in time as a process, it does not exist as a moment or as a measured state. ... sound and time – are fundamental ... all other determining primal categories." From the endlessly inspiring book by Genrich Nejgauz, "Poetics of the Piano," whose translation was recently published by the Music Center, we have selected an excerpt on the perception of time in music. Not just for pianists...

Andrea Serečinová