Images from Vietnam

Images from Vietnam

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Images from Vietnam

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    Hoàng Thị Kiều Anh

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Images from Vietnam is a set of piano pieces for young pianists and students of primary art schools. Musically, they combine European compositional techniques with traditional Vietnamese musical culture, which is inspired by the melody and syntax of the Vietnamese language. A look at the titles of individual pieces in Images from Vietnam reveals that they were inspired by Vietnamese tales and folk songs (Lotus Lake and Sparrows, The Hero Has Lost His Power, The Rice Drum, etc.), and by different moods (Sunset, Little Bird Grieves over His Mummy, Spring Mood, Lonely Journey, etc.). The set includes witty portraits of animals (Little Chicken, Cricket’s March, Little Doggie, Angry Monkey, etc.) and images of Vietnamese culture and history (Fragments of Legends I–III, Old Gong, Visit to the Pagoda, etc.). Hoàng Thị Kiều Anh (1966) is a Vietnamese pianist, and teacher living and working in Slovakia since 1988, and Images from Vietnam, published by the Music Centre Slovakia in its educational series, is her first published work.