• 1968 – 1974

    Conservatory in Bratislava, accordion (Marta Szőkeová)

  • 1974 – 1978

    Academy of Performing Arts, accordion (Marta Szőkeová)

  • 1980 – 1982

    post-graduate studies of Cultural policy and aesthetics at the House of Political Education, former Socialist Academy

  • 1975 – 1978

    conductor of the mixed choir of the Hungarian Song and Dance ensemble Young Hearts

  • 1976 – 1980

    artistic director of a vocal group of the Economist university ensemble

  • 1981 – 1983

    artistic director and conductor of the Ukrainian Choir at the cultural centre of Bratislava I district

  • 1985 – 1987

    dramaturg of the Slovak Television Main music desk

  • 1985 - 1993

    script writer for evening and instructional concerts of the former Slovkoncert agency

  • since 1978

    Conservatory in Bratislava, accordion teacher, lecturer on pedagogy, didactics and aesthetics

  • 1982 – 1985, 1997 – 1998

    Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, part-time lecturer

  • since 1990

    Franz Schubert Musikschule Pitten (AT), lecturer of accordion playing, piano playing and chamber music playing

  • since 1991

    founder of Methodical Center of Marta Szőke for accordion, member of Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes CIA (International Confederation of Accordionists) at The International Music Council UNESCO, and artistic director of International Accordion Festival Bratislava – Dunajská Streda

  • since 1996

    founder of International Competition of Accordionists Coupe Jeunesse in Dunajská Streda

  • since 1999

    vice-president of Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes CIA at The International Music Council UNESCO

  • since 2002

    member of the Board of Freundeskreis Internationale Akkordeonwettbewerbe FIA, Klingenthal (Germany)

Soloist collaboration with a number of Slovak and foreign orchestras, such as Białystok State Philharmonic and Filharmonia Sudecka Walbrzyg (PL), Ternitzer Kammersolisten (AT), Budapest Festival Orchestra (HU), led by the following conductors: Gabriel Patócs, Ján Pragant and Ľudovít Rajter (SK), Eduard Fischer and Jan Valta (CZ), László Tihanyi (HU) Tadeusz Chachaj and Stanisłav Welanyk (PL), Ferdinand Langer (AT).

Lecturer and associate Prof. of master classes in France, Austria, Holland, Poland, Finland, Russia, Denmark, Germany Czech Republic and UK. Author of projects for ceremonial concerts and radio recordings of professional soloists and students of Slovak and international artistic schools as a part of presentation of contemporary composers’ work under the auspices of the Methodology Centre and of the Freundkreis Internationale Akkordeonwettbewerbe.



"Rácz’s artistic expression is characterised by his effort to achieve intense emotional involvement, in harmony with his artistic balance resulting in a successful stylistic mastery of the performed piece. He is able to perform convincingly, with eruptiveness, at the same time as with delicate stress on detail. This is enabled by a solid stock of all types of accordion techniques." (Vladimír Čížik: Dictionary of Slovak Concert Art vol. I)