• 1949 – 1953

    UK Philosophical Faculty in Bratislava (musicology, national history and geography),

  • 1949 – 1954

    State Conservatory in Bratislava (singing – Anna Korínska, T. Tessler), member of the Lúčnica ensemble

  • 1955 – 2005

    staff expert at the SAV Institute of Musicology, dissertation work: Slovak Musical Instruments

She is one of the leading exponents of Slovak ethnomusicology. From the inception of her work at SAV she has devoted herself to the regional research of folk vocal culture on the entire territory of Slovakia, which has given her a foundation for the style analysis, evaluation and classification of folk songs.

She is the author of an entire series of scholarly papers and studies, where she has offered a system of analysis and categorisation of folk musical expressions, published in periodicals and symposia at home and abroad, including Slovenský národopis, Musicologica Slovaca SAV, Hudobný život, Hudobnovedné štúdie, Studia Musicologica, Budapest, Journal of the International Folk Music Council XVIII, London.