• 1938 – 1942

    Academy of Music and Drama in Bratislava (piano – Frico Kafenda)

  • 1943

    graduated at the State Conservatory in Bratislava

  • 1943

    soloist of school orchestra at the ceremonial concert for the nationalisation of the Academy of Music and Drama and its renaming as the State Conservatory in Bratislava

  • 1942 – 1944

    supplementary study (Frico Kafenda)

  • 1951 – 1953

    postgraduate at the Academy of Performing Arts (Frico Kafenda)

  • 1953 – 1954

    completion of postgraduate study (Rudolf Macudziński), study stays : Paris (Sandan), Vienna (Bruno Seidlhofer), Warsaw (Zbigniew Drzewiecki)

  • 1947

    international performance course Salzburg (Paul Weingarten)

  • 1956

    international performance course Lausanne (Alfred Cortot)

  • pedagogické pôsobenie:

  • 1946 – 1948

    Music School for Slovakia in Bratislava

  • 1947 – 1949

    State Conservatory in Bratislava

  • 1947 – 1948

    Department of Musical Education in the Philosophical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava

  • 1950 – 1951

    Department of Musical Education in the Pedagogical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava

  • 1954 – 1989

    Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (from 1966 dozent)

  • 1989 – 1996

    Janáček Academy of Musical Arts in Brno (dozent in piano playing)

  • 1975 – 2005

    yearly, lecturer in individual piano playing (for non-professionals) at the fortnight-long summer Meeting of the Friends of Chamber Music in the southern Czech town of Bechyna (organiser: Czech Musical Society)

Alongside solo performances, Eva Fischerová-Martvoňová has had rich and varied partnership with soloists and chamber groupings. She has proved to be an alert and sensitive partner not only for instrumentalists but for singers also.  

She has performed with leading orchestras in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. As soloist and chamber musician she has been a persistent and ardent propagator of Slovak work and has premiered a series of new works, which she has also presented abroad. Even a summary account of her guest appearances abroad is rich and varied:  Russia and other states of the former Soviet Union, Poland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Egypt, Pennsylvania (USA), and India.

She has collaborated with radio and television. A series of her recordings, principally of Slovak piano literature, may be found in the record library of Slovak Radio in Bratislava. During recent years the main content of her activity has shifted towards methodological, pedagogical and organisational activity.

The difference she has made to piano teaching in Bratislava is far-reaching. She has taught at all levels of musical education, from elementary pupils to qualified artists, to whom she has given guidance in building their repertoire. At the Academy of Performing Arts alone more than 30 graduates came from her class.  

She has been president of the Slovak section of the European association of piano teachers (EPTA). Communicating her experience of the podium and of teaching, she has lectured both at home and abroad (Graz, Dresden, Weimar, Pennsylvania). Since 1988, each year she has prepared, dramaturgically and organisationally, summer seminars at the Conservatory in Bratislava (in cooperation with the association of music teachers in Slovakia). For some time she has devoted herself to children with exceptional musical talent at the Primary Art Schools. She is often invited to be a member or president of the jury in piano competitions.