• 1941 – 1943

    Brno Conservatory(French horn– Josef Kohout)

  • 1945 – 1947

    Brno Conservatory (organ – Vladimír Havlík, percussion instruments – Josef Lukáš)

  • 1947 – 1951

    Bratislava Conservatory (theory of music and fundamentals of composition – Ján Cikker, Eugen Suchoň, choir conducting – Ján Strelec, conducting – Kornel Schimpl)

In1951 he founded an ensemble entitled Bratislava Chamber Association, which he led as conductor and artistic director throughout its entire existence up to the year 1986, when the association ceased. The ensemble produced numerous recordings, which notably enriched the record library of former Czechoslovakia. Recordings made for Austrian Radio in Vienna and Graz included representative works by contemporary Slovak composers and also works by Czech and Slovak composers of the past.

The lifelong activity of this Czech conductor is particularly bound up with Czechoslovak Radio in Bratislava (today Slovak Radio and Television). From 1958 he was active there as dramaturge, in 1972-1982 he was deputy editor-in-chief of the Music Production Section, and from 1982 he was its artistic director in the field of music.

Horák propagated and revivified compositions by forgotten Slovak authors of the past, which he himself often rediscovered in the archives and revived. He also presented the premieres of many compositions by contemporary Slovak composers of all generations.