• 1985 – 1990

    Košice Conservatory (under Tibor Velíšek)

  • 1990 – 1995

    Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (under Radoslav Šašina)

  • 1994 – 1996

    pedagogue at Žilina Conservatory

  • 1996 – 2001

    pedagogue at the Private Conservatory of Dezider Kardoš in Topoľčany

  • since 2000

    pedagogue at Church Conservatory in Bratislava

  • 2001 – 2002

    Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, studying double bass with Viennese tuning (under David Sinclair)

  • since 2002

    pedagogue at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica

  • since 2010

    founder of the Slovak Double Bass Club within which were organized master courses called BassFest+ Banská Bystrica, International Double Bass Competition of Carl Ditters Von Dittersdorf

  • 2012

     founder of Musica Perennis Iuventutis, a music festival held in Senec and Musica Perennis Sancti Benedecti in Hronský Beňadik

  • 2012

    founder of an ensemble called Collegium Wartberg

  • 2013

    founder of a double bass quartet called BassBand

  • since 2021

    Professor at the Music and Arts Private University of Vienna (double bass)

  • 2021

     member of the jury of the music competition WorldVision Music Contest

Double Bass courses: Vienna (under Ludwig Streicher and Joseph Niedermammer), Kroměříž (under Miloslav Gajdoš and Ovidiu Badila), and the Michaelstein monastery (under David Sinclair)

Ján Krigovský focuses upon chamber and solo playing, as well as orchestral performances. As a chamber player, he has worked with many ensembles – above all, with those that specialise in ancient music: the Wiener Akademie (under Martin Haselböck); the Ars Antiqua Austria (under Gunar Letzbor); La Cetra Basel (under Ciara Banchini); the Capriccio Basel; the Freitagsakademie Bern; the Royal Orquestra Catalunia (under Jordi Savall); the Collegium Marianum in Prague (under Jana Semerádová); the Collegium 1704 in Prague (under Václav Luks); La Fioritta in Basel; the Freiburg Barockorchester; the international Amphion Bläseroktett (winning 1st prize at a competition of classical instruments in Holland, 2003), and Alea, a Slovak ensemble performing modern music. He has worked with prominent conductors, such as Claudio Abbado, Serge Baudo, Jordi Savall, René Jacobs, and Sigiswald Kuijken.

As a member of chamber ensembles, Ján Krigovský has played solo at prominent festivals both at home and abroad (the Prague Spring, the Wiener Festspielwochen, the Salzburger Festspielwochen, and the Festspielwochen in Munich), as well as at festivals of ancient music in Italy (Cremona, Roma, and Pisa); Austria (Linz and Innsbruck); Switzerland (Basel, Zurich, and Bern); Germany (Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Strassburg, and Schwetzingen); Holland (Amsterdam, The Hague), and Spain (Barcelona).

As a chamber player, he has recorded for radio and television stations in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany (CPO, WDR, NDR, and ZDF), Austria (ORF, ORF1, and the Institut fur Tyroler Musikforschung in Innsbruck), and France (Pan Classic and Arcana). As a concert artist, he focuses upon the violin, recorder, dulcimer, piano, and vocals.