• 1988 – 1994

    Bratislava Conservatory (Marián Banda)

  • 1992 – 1995

    Joseph Haydn Conservatory Eisenstadt, Austria (Yossi Gutmann)

  • 1992 – 1997

    Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava (viola – Jozef Hošek)

  • 1992

    member of the Gustav Mahler International Youth Orchestra, conducted by Claudio Abbado and Ricardo Chailly

  • 1997, 1998

    master course (Michael Kugel, Ognian Stančev)

Peter Šesták’s central musical activity is the performance of chamber music, though he is also active as a soloist. He has experience of playing with many ensembles (e.g. Slovak ensembles for contemporary music: VENI ensemble and the small-town chamber orchestra Požoň sentimentál); very important in his work is collaboration with ensembles devoted to early music (Musica aeterna, Musica Florea, Collegium Marianum, Česko, Orkiestra I. Rzeczpospolitej, Tragicomedia, Nenecko, Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra, USA etc.). He is a member of the Slovak ensemble for early music Solamente naturali.

He is invited to lecture at master courses in authentic performance on the baroque violin (2004 - ČR, 2005 – Poland).