• 1962 – 1967

    musicology at the UK Philosophical Faculty in Bratislava (with Prof. Jozef Kresánek, founder of modern Slovak musicology)

  • 1974 – 1989

    pedagogue at the Department of Aesthetics and Art Scholarship at the UK Philosophical Faculty in Bratislava;

  • after 1989

    at the same Faculty’s Department of Musicology (1981 PhDr., 1988 degree of CSc., 1996 dozent, 2001 professor)

  • 2001 – 2007

    head of the UK Philosophical Faculty’s Department of Musicology

Chalupka’s extensive scholarly work is focused on musical theory, musical analysis, history of Slovak music in the 19th and 20th th centuries, and the methodology of musicology.

In the course of his musicological enquiries he has addressed the following themes: The Melodic-Harmonic Structure of Béla Bartók’s String Quartets in the Light of the Influence of Slovak Folklore (1981, doctoral work); The Stylistic Formation of the Younger Generation of Slovak Composers in the 1960s (1988,doctoral dissertation); Historic-Theoretical Premises of the Development of Slovak Music after 1945) (1996, second doctoral work); in 2001 he delivered his inaugural lecture on the theme of The Musical Avantgarde in Slovakia, for which he was awarded the title of professor.

He has collaborated with the Slovak Musicological Association in organising international musicological conferences in the context of the Bratislava Musical Festivities. He is the editor of several scholarly musicological collections.

As visting pedagogue he has lectured at universities in the Czech Republic (Prague, Olomouc), Austria (Vienna) and Poland (Krakow).

He is a member of the international Arbeitkreis für systematische Musikwissenschaft, based in Hamburg.