• 1951 – 1954

    Bratislava Conservatory (piano – Anna Kafendová)

  • 1954 – 1959

    UK Philosophical Faculty in Bratislava (musicology), 1969 title of PhDr., 1993 degree CSc.

  • 1959 – 1966

    pedagogue and corepetitor in the Dom pionierov a mládeže Klementa Gottwalda in Bratislava

  • 1966 – 1992

    documentarist of Slovak musical life in the Musical Museum at the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava, and throughout this period script writer and commissioner of several exhibitions commemorating anniversaries of composers at home and abroad: Béla Bartók and Slovakia (1969), Frico Kafenda (1973), Leoš Janáček and Slovakia (1979), Slovak Music After Liberation (1985), Eugen Suchoň (1988)

  • from 1983

    private study of piano playing with Rudolf and Sylvia Macudziński (Bratislava), Valentina Kameníková (Praha), Evy Fischerová-Martvoňová (Bratislava), and others

In the field of research he focused on the documentation of Slovak concert life, which bore fruit in a number of exceptional monographs, and at the same time he engaged in musical publicistics.

He is the author and compiler of several studies and lexica on Slovak concert artists of various disciplines (for the years 1974 to 2000), and the co-author of publications on and catalogues of the musical collections of the Slovak National Museum.

Since 1984 he has also engaged in concert activity (one of the few theoreticians to do so), specialising in works for solo piano. The dramaturgy of the concerts has been conceived monothematically for the most part, and he has also presented the concerts (of world composers featured: Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Frederyk Chopin, Franz Liszt; Slovak composers: Pavol Bagin, Dezider Kardoš, Dušan Martinček, Ladislav Kupkovič, Ivan Parík, Eugen Suchoň, Ilja Zeljenka).