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Pestrý zborník (The Tablature Miscellany)

Pestrý zborník (The Tablature Miscellany)

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Pestrý zborník (The Tablature Miscellany)

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The small tablature book from the last third of the 17th century is one of the most important sources of the history of Slovak music. Since its first publication in 1954, certain of its compositions have become an indispensable part of the repertoire in particular of organists, but also of ensembles playing the so-called early music or folk-music. In spite of this, to the present day there has been no modern critical edition of this source, which would take account of new findings and provide a reliable music text for further scientific research as well as for musical performance. The miscellany contains not only keyboard music, but also German hymns, French dance and ballet music, and most of all, domestic dance music (choreae). This volume illustrates the developed multicultural milieu of the Spiš (Zips) region in the 17th century. English and German translations included. Edited by Ladislav Kačic.