Saturday 10. 11. 2001 at

Nová scéna Theatre

Živnostenská 1, Bratislava

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  • Dieter Kaufmann / René Staar / Eugene Hartzell /Erik Freitag

    • Da Capo al Capone (1999)


        Paganihilismo (Dieter Kaufmann)

        Acousmatic variations on three fragments of the Sauret-Cadence of the first violin concerto by N. Paganini

        for violin soloist and 8 channel sound installation after original recordings by Elena Denisova.


        The fortunes of War

        (music: René Staar, text: Amy Leverenz)

        5 scenes from the life and “work” of Al Capone

        What a life

        Times have changed

        Que bravo ragazzo

        Valentine’s day editorial

        Service is my motto

        who claims that it is not worth to commit a crime? (Eugene Hartzell)

        5 pieces about underworld in New York

        Trio 1 (introduction)

        Dutch Schult

        Charlie Becker

        Albert Anastasia

        Trio 2 (finale)

        In the death’s hour of Alfons Alfred Schmidt

        (music: Erik Freitag, text: Martin Amanshauser)

        bitter tragicomical grotesque


        Cinema Criminale – Cinema Paradiso (r. Ulrich Kaufmann)