Ensemble TIMF

Monday 09. 11. 2015 at 7 p.m.

Moyzes Hall

Vajanského nábrežie 12, Bratislava

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  • Ensemble TIMF (KR)
  • Chungki Min– conductor (KR)


Photo: Ensemble TIMF

Ensemble TIMF


Japan, China and South Korea form an ever more impressive segment of the imaginary map of contemporary music. East Asia is no longer simply an incubator of technically brilliant virtuosos; it is also an area with a live composing scene and festivals where contemporary music has a prominent place. Tongeyong International Music Festival is one of the largest and it incorporates a stable festival ensemble. In Slovakia its members will perform ensemble works by composers of East Asian provenance and will also present the gayageum, a traditional (and used in new modes) Korean string instrument. In this connection a work by our own Marián Lejava will be performed by members of the Korean ensemble as well.